"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." - John 12:46

Our Counseling Services

Counseling Services in Columbia MOWe are committed to bringing healing, growth, and wholeness to all of our clients.


Our staff of highly qualified Licensed Professional Counselors offer therapeutic treatment for individual, marriage, family and group counseling for all ages.

We address personal conflicts, issues, and crisis from a practical, insight-filled perspective. Our counselors know how to isolate the real problems with which people are dealing and show them how to confront their situations with the courage and commitment available to the person.

In addition to helping hurting people discover tools and practices leading to better mental health, we also desire to help others in their process of healing, recovery and restoration of wholeness to their entire lives. We believe this process becomes complete in and through the spiritual relationship with God. This can be better understood by reviewing our Statement of Christian Faith and Counseling Practice.

Group Support

Life's hurt and pain is not meant to be handled alone. Group counseling can be focused on specific issues or general therapy, giving participants an opportunity to share experiences, solve problems, and practice new skills in a safe environment. Group sessions, when offered, are always led or supervised by a Coplen Christian Counseling Staff Counselor.

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

We host and sponsor special events to provide participants with new skills, information, and approaches toward practical life situations and experiences. Check out our currently available events on the right panel.

Walter Coplen, MA, LPC, NCC, presents seminars and talks on a wide variety of topics. Prior presentations have included the "Journey to Intimacy" marriage retreats, "The Wellness Wheel" for teaching balance between ministry and personal life, "Help Me I'm Drowning" a talk designed for men about today's issues. As well as talks on helping step-families develop their own identity. Contact Walter through this website or by calling 573-446-9665 for scheduling or fee information.


Meet Our Counselors

We make up one of mid-Missouri's most trusted and effective teams of highly qualified Licensed Professional Counselors. Our counseling staff is equipped to provide a complete range of therapeutic services.

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